Express in a Single Art Language

      Chen Keai in May,2001

      The simpler the pattern, the better the painting.Modern paintings lay more stress on simplicity, even as far as expressing in a single art language.

      Take Impression of Lantern Festival by Mu Yilin for instance. He tries to maximize a single language in the painting. he actively deconstructed all painted objects into signs and turned them into a language. In the painting, the whole painting is made up of color lumps in different shapes, and the real life seemed to have no relation with Mu Yilin. The title of this painting is only a title, and what communicates with audients is his unique language. Even a sudden glance at it will strike your eyes. The shicking pattern may frive you into a complete loss but tightly grab all your attentions. You will have to taste it carefully rhythm produced by his unique language, which you will resonate and makes you generate a strong mental experience. It is the power of a single art language in painting.

      To express in a single art language is more shocking.